Why India is called the largest “betting colony” in the world

Did you know that betting in India was banned in 1867 and the law has not changed since then. At the same time, the country is unofficially called a “betting colony”, and all the world’s operators are fighting for its market. Why is this happening and is betting legal in India? Let’s talk about this.

India is far behind the progressive world in this important issue of gambling regulation, so its policy in this area raises questions from consumers and a desire to find a loop hole for service sellers. Therefore, the approach to the question should be divided into formal and factual. Technically legal – no. And in fact? That’s where the questions come in.

Law of the time of the king of Peas
Back in the days when India was the main jewel in the crown of the British Empire, to put it simply-the most profitable of its colonies, a law was passed in 1867, prohibiting any type of betting for profit. In fact, the betting business was banned, which even in the distant metropolis did not quite get back on its feet. It is not even necessary to say that other gambling games that brought money also came under the government’s sights. Moreover, the ban also applied to visiting any gaming establishments. Since those distant times, little has changed at the legislative level, except that the lottery was allowed in 1998, which brings good money to the Treasury.

In the face of changes
Yes, there are few changes at the legislative level, but the world has changed irrevocably. The law of 1867 has long been inconsistent with today’s realities. This is especially true of the ubiquitous Internet. The law, for obvious reasons, does not have anything about online, so international bookmakers use this not even a loop hole, but a huge hole in the law to carry out their activities in the vast territory of India, without even appearing there physically. Imperfect legislation allows them to do so. But before continuing, we need to say a few words about the market itself and the country in which it operates.

Dirty pearl

India, as everyone knows from school, is the most populous country in the world, after China, of course. About one billion and three hundred million people live here – an incredible number. But here it is worth making a significant remark at once – half of them vegetate if not in poverty, then in poverty. By European standards, most Indians are not of interest to bookmakers – tens of millions do not even have a roof over their heads. Thus, the enormous population is compensated by extreme poverty.

Now about what Indians prefer to bet on. Without a doubt, the most popular sport in the country is considered to be cricket. Born in Britain, cricket has conquered all the colonies, but in India it has become a national treasure and attracts millions of fans. Just as in Europe they are fiercely betting on football, so the Indians do not miss an opportunity to bet on cricket. This is clearly the first number for bettors in the country.

Then you can call field hockey and football. As for the latter, they prefer to choose distant European football for betting. You can also name tennis and the local game of kabaddi, which is obscure to Europeans, but very popular among fans and fans of betting in India.

The second British colonization

India has long been an independent country, but in terms of betting – it is again a colony. Hence the ever-recurring question – is betting legal in India? Moreover, the further the Internet penetrates into the wilds of jungles, high mountains and deserts, the more obvious this fact becomes.

The national Bank has tried to restrict transactions to gambling companies, but this attempt does little in a world where e-wallets are not controlled by the state. For example, the typical British colonizer Bet365 has already penetrated all the States of the country and has kindly adapted its website for local players. It has a well-deserved reputation, an excellent website, and an emphasis on national characteristics.

Or take the same Paddy Power that has the best cricket offer among the competition. You can bet on any aspect of this game, since it is familiar to the British. Ladbrokes, another heavyweight in the betting business, is also trying to keep up with its competitor.


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