There are billions of rupees that are currently flowing into the online betting industry in India. Over the years, there has been a growing number of people who are getting interested in sports betting. The fact that there is money to be won and the stress-relieving effect of sports betting makes it a popular activity. Some of the sports that people love betting on in India are:


Cricket is one of the most known sports in India. Since it started more than 300 years ago, the sport has garnered interest not just in India but all over the world. Even though the national sport in India is considered to be hockey, cricket ranks as the most followed. It, therefore, makes sense that most of the people who are betting online and off the net would choose cricket as their preferred sport since they already know so much about it.


The love for football is universal. Most people who follow sports, not just in India, also follow the major games such as the English Premier League and the world cup. Most of the betting companies that have sports always list football as one of their major games because of the interest they get. In India, most of the gamblers bet on football. They do not restrict their bets to big clubs since there are smaller local teams that also get a lot of interest.


Hockey is the national game in India and so many people place their bets on the game. Online sites that have hockey are very popular among Indian bettors. The most popular form is Puck Line betting which shares a lot of similarities with money line betting. The hockey teams are always classified as underdogs and favourites. The amount of money you can win is higher if you bet on an underdog.