India plans to legalize sports betting

The Supreme court of India has submitted a number of reforms to the legislature aimed at fully legalizing sports betting in India.

According to new reforms proposed by the Supreme court of India, sports betting in the country should be legal, while being under strict state control. India is one of the largest countries in terms of the “black market” of sports betting. Unofficial data give various figures on the amount of illegal turnover of funds in this industry: from $60 to $130 billion. the New law will allow you to withdraw these funds from the shadows, which will be a significant addition to the budget of India.

The proposal to legalize sports betting was welcomed by veterans of the sports industry. New amendments to the law are expected to help combat match-fixing, especially in India’s national sport of cricket.

Currently, every state in India has its own laws regarding sports betting, and only two of them officially allow betting-in Goa and Sikkim. Other Indian States and territories recognize sports betting as illegal.

The proposed bill clearly defines two concepts: “game of chance” and”game of skill”. The Supreme court of India considers that sports betting is a “skill game” in which certain knowledge is required to win.

In India, there were the first online bookmaker

The first online bookmaker was launched in India. However, ironically, it does not accept sports betting via the Internet.

The owner of the new bookmaker is a well-known company Golden Gaming International, which has a wide network of land-based cash registers in the state, according to the Calvin Ayre publication.

Self-service terminals were installed in all the company’s PPS, and it is with their help that residents of India can place sports bets (this is the meaning of the above-mentioned launch of an online bookmaker). It is still impossible to play at home via the Internet.

Recall that gambling on the Internet in the state is still prohibited, and the authorities of the Eastern country do not intend to take any steps to legalize them. In India, investigations and arrests of persons responsible for organizing and participating in illegal gambling are regularly carried out.


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